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Since the pre-Hispanic period, agave has been an important resource, used to make food, remedies, strong fibres, fertilizer, and agricultural implements. The great variety of species and subspecies of this archetypal Mexican plant, together with the geographic diversity of our country, also has yielded several distilled liquors, each with a distinctive and exquisite flavour.

Although tequila has an international reputation as the traditional drink of Mexico, recently mezcal has gained favour among the most demanding palates, due to its aroma, unmistakable flavour, and quality. And rounding out this trio of artisanal elixirs, raicilla is gaining popularity.

Previously, they all were called mezcal; therefore, it is considered the “big brother” of tequila. But today, depending on the climate and the agave involved in their production, mezcals also may be called raicilla, comiteco, bacanora, barranca, and sotol!

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