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We may be small by international standards but we punch well above our weight in terms of quality. Recent industry figures show that Sauvignon Blanc still accounts for about 70% of New Zealand's wine production and 85% of all New Zealand wine exported. And interestingly, Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris which appear to most of us to be hugely popular, actually only account for around 8% and 6% respectively. But happily, New Zealand's export statistics don't tell the whole story. Up and down the country, hardworking winegrowers are engaged in a sort of accelerated evolutionary process of discovery. They're discovering the best clones of the best varieties in the best vineyard sites in the country's best winegrowing regions. And that's to say nothing of the increasingly sophisticated approach taken by our leading winemakers. The result of all this hard work, experimentation and learning, is that there has never been so much good, and great, New Zealand wine to enjoy as there is right now. And things are only set to get better. Don't miss out on coming along for the ride.
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