Collection: Pinot Noir

This famous red grape variety from France's Burgundy region is capable of producing divinely scented, satin–textured, gorgeously fruity expressions of place but is very often unwilling or unable to do so. Pinot Noir is sensitive to the size of the crop it is expected to produce, so if you come across a vapid example, it may well be due to an over-demanding yield. It ripens relatively early for a red grape, so is not suitable for very warm regions where there would be no time to develop nuanced, interesting flavours before acid levels plummet. On the other hand, many of the cooler regions in which it is grown suffer autumn rains which can easily lead to rot due to Pinot's thin-skinned and sensitive berries. The Pinot Noir grower's lot is not an easy one. But when they get it right Pinot can be perfumed, cherry–fruited and haunting. Flavours found in young Pinot Noir include cherries, raspberries, strawberries and violets; with time these evolve into a bouquet often reminiscent of game, liquorice and autumnal undergrowth. Heavy tannins and deep colour are not essential elements in a fine Pinot Noir, as at their best they dance on the palate rather than overpower it.
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