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There are several methods of producing gin, but by far the most important method of gin production (the ‘proper’ method if you like) is distilled gin. This traditional method includes the distillation of both London Dry Gin and Plymouth Gin styles. Plymouth Gin is a style that by law can only be produced in Plymouth, England and is distinctly sweeter than London Dry Gin. The flavouring ingredients are at the core of gin production; these ingredients are always natural (unlike flavoured vodka, for instance) and referred to as ‘botanicals’. The type and quantity of each producer's botanicals vary according to their own closely guarded recipes and whims! The one thing all gins have in common however, is the inclusion of juniper as an ingredient (the word Gin comes from the old English word Genever and ultimately from the Latin Juniperus). In addition to juniper, gin producers are becoming ever more adventurous with their chosen botanicals; the list is already long and only getting longer; coriander, almonds, angelica, orange peel, lemon peel, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, orris root, cassia, cubeb berries, liquorice, pepper, etc, etc.
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