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Bordeaux 2023 – The Vintage

So what are the 2023 wines like?  No two vintages are alike, but several producers on the right bank whose opinions we respect said they found similarities with 2001. Those who purchased the 2001 will know how delicious they are, often superior to the much-praised 2000s, there is a freshness and precision to them that still sings today. Nearly all the 2023 wines are a welcome degree or more lower in alcohol than last year, with good colour, fresh acidity levels, plenty of perfumed, polished fruit and lasting flavour. The best reds are classically styled, with attractive balance and, thanks to modern winemaking techniques they will be approachable sooner than their predecessors. They’re wines that could only be made in Bordeaux. The other piece of good news is that we expect the wines to be 15-20% cheaper than the 2022's.

"The best reds show balance and freshness with deep centre palates of ripe fruit and a complement of polished tannins. In many ways, I like them better than many of the highly touted 2022s because they are so Bordeaux in their nature with their tensioned mouthfeels and energetic finishes."
- James Suckling

As with previous years the offer price of En Primeur Bordeaux is exclusive of duty, excise, GST, insurance, shipping, and extra labelling charges. Payments are due on confirmation of your order (the 1st payment for the wine - excluding duty, excise, GST, insurance, shipping), and the 2nd payment for the landing charges and such when we land the wines in 2026. 

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