Mr Black Double Cacao Coffee & Whisky Liqueur 700ml

Mr Black Double Cacao Coffee & Whisky Liqueur 700ml

Introducing Mr Black Double Cacao Whisky & Coffee Liqueur: a heavenly combination of coffee, whisky and chocolate, in collaboration with Starward Whisky. The signature Mr Black coffee liqueur is rested on Tanzanian cacao for 96 hours, extracting rich chocolatey flavours from the amber-hued nibs.

The resulting liqueur is blended with Melbourne-made Starward Whisky and absolutely hums in the glass. Extraordinarily sippable on the rocks, or perfectly at home in your favourite coffee cocktails, such as a mocha-fied Irish Espresso Martini:

60ml Mr Black Double Cacao Coffee & Whiskey Liqueur
30ml Espresso

Combine ingredients in a shaker with a decent amount of ice. Hard shake until completely chilled. Strain into a coupe glass, and garnish with a coffee bean or two, and/or grated chocolate of your choice!

ABV: 23%

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