JK.14 'Mamma' Manzoni Bianco Piave DOC 2021

JK.14 'Mamma' Manzoni Bianco Piave DOC 2021

Manzoni Bianco is an Italian white grape variety bred in the 1930s by Professor Luigi Manzoni. Interestingly, to obtain the grape bearing his name,  il Profesore Manzoni crossed two rather distinct varieties: Pinot Bianco with Riesling.

A high-class wine from a blend where the wonderful characteristics of Pinot Bianco come together with the aromatic shades of Rhine Riesling.

Confit lemon on the nose, honey (mead-like scents), and confit pineapple. Exuberant and full of tropical fruits. This smells ripe and concentrated. Still fresh and vibrant thanks to zesty citrus aromas like grapefruit, lemon/lime. On the palate, it is dry with a good citrusy acidity driving the palate balanced up by good palate weight. A nicely concentrated wine, yet very fresh and zingy making it very moreish indeed.

ABV: 12.5%

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