Frankland Estate Olmo's Reward Red Blend 1999 Magnum 1500ml

Frankland Estate Olmo's Reward Red Blend 1999 Magnum 1500ml

“It is also fascinating to see how Cabernet Franc has become the driving force behind the wine. The combination of terroir, varietal character, and winemaking techniques bring a distinct singularity of style. The purity of fruit, ferruginous minerality and gentle vigour are all neatly aligned. The consistency across vintages highlights a thoughtful, empathetic and precise approach to winemaking… The elegance, energy, rusty/sturdy textures and vinosity are standout features of the style.”
 - Andrew Caillard MW on Olmo's Reward

"No discussion of great Australian wine would be complete without mentioning Frankland Estate - one of the best and most innovative winemakers in the Southern Hemisphere. Their wines have long excelled for sheer intensity of flavour, and more recently they have evolved to impressive complexity, especially in terms of texture."
 - Nick Stock,

Olmo's Reward has evolved to sit at the top echelon of Australia’s single-site red blends thanks to a series of one-percenters: Organic viticulture; lower production; hero status for Cabernet Franc; gentler extraction; older, larger oak; shorter maturation; and greater confidence in the wine’s singularity

ABV: 14.5%

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