Starward (New) Old Fashioned Whisky Cocktail 500ml

Starward (New) Old Fashioned Whisky Cocktail 500ml

World’s Best Premix Cocktail at World Premix Awards 2020
Best Contemporary Cocktail at World Premix Awards 2020

Their twist on the Old Fashioned is a distillery-batched cocktail, patiently perfected. As any bartender will tell you, a good Old Fashioned is notoriously difficult to get right. But fortunately for Starward, they've got expert bartenders and whisky distillers under the one roof.

They start with their award-winning single malt whisky. With its red-wine-barrel richness and juicy, fruity flavours, it shines in a cocktail. Then, they make the bitters in-house at the distillery. That way, they could deftly match the flavour profile to complement their Australian whisky. They balance the mix of native wattle seed and zesty orange bitters with demerara syrup for a balanced, mellow spicy-sweetness.

They've put in the hard yards for you. This no fuss, new world take on a classic cocktail will let you indulge your tastebuds without having to play bartender all night.

Simply pour over ice with an orange twist. With 10 serves in a bottle, it's great with richer dishes, like BBQ chicken, sardines or wings.

ABV: 32% - serves 10

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