Domaine Viticole de la Ville de Colmar Riesling 2021

Domaine Viticole de la Ville de Colmar Riesling 2021

Slate, mineral and lime aromas on the nose. Pure stony, citrusy and mineral intensity with a pleasant beeswaxy character. Pure and pristine Riesling from one of France's often-forgotten corners, producing some of the country's finest white wines. Brilliant, crisp, dry Riesling from the beautiful, sun blessed region of Alsace. Often forgotten, the appellation makes some of France’s finest whites, and Riesling is its most noble variety – just taste this pristine, lime and mineral fresh white.

The Domaine Viticole de la Ville de Colmar is located, as you might expect, in the heart of the Alsace wine capital, Colmar. It has been producing wine from its 28 hectares of vineyards since 1895. They own some excellent vineyards, best-known of them arguably the domaine's home vineyard, Clos Saint Jacques, but also some excellent holdings among the surrounding vineyards including some of Alsace's top cru's; Hengst, Mambourg, Pfersigberg and Florimon.

ABV: 12.5%

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